You know what made me buy this book? Well, apart from reading the sample on Amazon and finding it titillating. The Rake Name Generator on Tessa Dare’s website. Hilarious! I am now also to be known as the Villianous, Racy, No-count Miss Peart. *curtsies*

Miss Eliza Cade has bosoms, and she is still not yet out. With three unmarried sisters ahead of her she’s unlikely to be out soon, either. Especially thanks to a youthful indiscretion that has made her father deem it necessary that all her sisters be safely married before Eliza can be set lose upon the world.

Mr Harry Wright is a gentleman with a bad reputation who likes to consort with ladies in the morning rooms at balls. No one’s in the morning rooms at night, you see? Except Eliza Cade, as she complains to her sister about the unfairness of it all. Why should she have to go to bed when she has bosoms that need to be admired? And who worse than a scandalous, dissolute, no-good rake to overhear such a conversation?

A highly enjoyable novella. Dare has a wonderful turn of phrase, and while her style may be frivolous to some, I found it refreshing. We can’t take things seriously all the time, can we? And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of frivolity when the characters are so well drawn and their motivations are clear.

I would have loved to read this as a full-length novel, with side plots and vivid descriptions. The pacing was too rapid in places. But I guess I’ll have to read a full length Tessa Dare novel for that. I’m sure it won’t be any sort of chore!

Highly recommended. Consume with tea and iced cupcakes the same shade of Eliza Cade’s dress on the cover on a lazy afternoon.